Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Black money and CVC: political battle continues

Atleast 21 Indians have allegedly stashed black money in their accounts with Lichtenstein Bank and just 24 hours before the government on Wednesday will tell the Supreme Court why these names cannot be disclosed now, the Opposition has upped the ante with NDA Chairman LK Advani himself taking on the UPA for its reluctance to disclose these names.

Advani said, "We hope that the Supreme Court will force the government to disclose these names."

The government has taken refuge in the the double taxation treaty with Germany for not making these names public. This stand was questioned in the Supreme Court and later the government had agreed to provide these details in a sealed envelop to the apex court.

The BJP had earlier raised the issue of black money in the run up to the last general elections, but failed to evoke much response. Now with the UPA battling corruption charges on multiple fronts, renewing the demand may add to government's discomfort.

The BJP is not letting up any pressure on the appointment of the CVC with government justifying Thomas's appointment in its affidavit before the apex court. Leader of Opposition Sushma Swaraj has tweeted taking on the government on its affidavit on CVC's appointment, accusing it of destroying institutions.

She tweeted, "Central Government's affidavit on CVC is on expected lines. This is in conformity with Congress tradition of destroying institutions."

The Opposition has clearly raised the bar, launching attacks on multiple fronts and with the government reluctant to concede any ground, the current Parliament impasse could well spill over to the budget session as well.

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